Guangya International Business School (GIBS)

The International Business Program at Guangya School is the leading business, economics and entrepreneurship program in all of China, at the secondary school level. 

This program has been in development since 2010, and was officially announced in January of 2014. Mr. Derbyshire conceived the idea for GIBS and is the Architect for the Business School Program.

GIBS is the first such program in all of China, following on Guangya School’s pioneering spirit. As, Guangya School itself was the first private boarding school in China, established in 1992.

GIBS is composed of:

The Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Studies AP Curriculum

Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Student-owned Businesses and Business Clubs


The International Business Program, sometimes known as the “Junior Executive College”, is an advanced “world class” program where all courses and teachers are AP (Advanced Placement) Certified by the College Board in the USA. 

Special Requirements: the Custom Designed Business Courses:

· Introduction to Business (CIE, IBO equivalent)

· “MIT-level” Entrepreneurship

Examples of student created and owned businesses include: (see, Business Photos Page)

· Panda Bar (7+ years in operation)

· Cyberbucks Internet Bar, and Cybercloud ISP (3+ years)

· Fitness Center (2+ years)

· Music Bar (2+ years)

· Tao Bao ordering service (2014-2015)

· Big Bang Fruit Stand (2011)

· Wendy’s Convenience Store (2011-2012)

· And, a local charity organization started by 10th graders in 2013

· Plus a host of “one-of” special business projects.


Examples of Business and Economics Field Research include: (see Field Research photos)

· Schuamo Ancient Town

· Teng Wei Salmon Fishery

· Seven-Eleven, Hong Qi etc.

· Starbucks Corporation, Costa Coffee, McDonald’s Corporation, etc.

GIBS Faculty and Administration

瑞奇 德伯肖尔1.jpg

International Business School Faculty: (see, Individual Faculty Pages)Mr. Richard Derbyshire, Executive Director, and Architect

 (Formerly GYIS Academic Director 2010-2013): Mr. Derbyshire’s experience includes business college teaching and administration, high-tech program management, engineering, and consulting. 

Mr. Derbyshire has a career specialization in international high-tech “start-ups” , R&D technology, and “turnarounds” management, and e-business. He is considered expert in design, innovation and problem-solving.

“Mr. Rich” teaches AP macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, and the Entrepreneurship Course, and is the Business Clubs and Studio-X founder, manager and mento Of note, Mr. Derbyshire is a polymath, and a specialist in design and innovation. He continuously explores many interests, currently including experimental music synthesis, artificial intelligence, robotics, and avant-garde educational program design and development.

Mr. Derbyshire’s academic achievements include completion of 3 Masters-level graduate programs requirements, 2 graduate certificates, and a doctoral program in Education Administration, and International Education Program Development. He is also a certified mediator.


Ms. Hu Ping, Vice-President

Ms. Hu Ping has an extensive business background in the field of marketing and marketing communications, and Executive management, having been CEO and founder of a high-tech company in the USA.  Currently Ms. Hu is pursuing her “true love” and passion of teaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs, all the way from kindergarten through college-level. Ms. Hu founded and mentors the “Animal Protection” club, and is a gourmet Sichuan chef!

Adjunct Faculty:

Dr. Valeriy Sokolov: teaches AP Psychology, (is also a polymath) and is a Business Clubs, Studio-X mentor

Dr. Sasha Sokolova: teaches AP Human Geography, and is the school’s yoga guru.

Mr. Raymond Chan: “is “Mr. Mathematics”, teaches AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and coaches soccer.

Student-owned Business Photos:


Wendy’s Convenience Store (10th grader)

Panda Bar:


Panda Bar as seen from across pond / Panda Bar in operation


Busy with customers


5-5.jpg 6-6.jpg

Fast WiFi / Studying in a side room

7-7.jpg 8-8.jpg

Meeting room / Main room Internet Bar

9-9.jpg 10-10.jpg

Location on 2nd floor of Library / Advertisement


big Bang Fruit Stand

Additional Student Business Projects:


School Event Catering 


Drinks and Snacks

Graduation Fundraising by Selling Tee-Shirts & Memorabilia

Business Classes and Labs Photos:


Business Plan Presentation


Certificate for a Social Media Marketing workshop


Operations Research Lab Data


Thoughtful Experiments in Manufacturing Process Design


Business Process Analysis, Professional Tools


Product Design


Team Project Collaboration


“Miss Super-CFO” leading her team’s financial analysis


An MIT Sloan business simulation used in our classes